Csv API Reference

 Handle csv formatted file. The Alinous-Core programming language supports Csv formatted files by standard function.

Csv format is often used to export and import data. Alinous-Core supports Csv Formatted files by standard functions.

Effective file format to communicate with the web application

The Csv format is useful file format. That is because the Microsoft excel and OpenOffice Calc can edit the format. In addition to that, Csv file with header format is very useful to handle record data  formatted in table structure, and the server sode program can easily process the file.

Alinous-Core supports standard functions to support csv formatted files

The Alinous-Core programming language has standard functions to handle the Csv formatted files. They are often used in the actual web application.

Backup database data

The Csv formatted data is suitable to output the database table data into a file. Therefore, the system console to backup and recover the whole database data use the Csv formatted files, and archive them into a zip file.

openOutputFile($filePath, $encoding)

 Open csv file to write records.

The code below is sample code to output csv file.


 Close opened csv file to write data, and flush buffered output data.

addFields($filePath, @fieldValues)

 Add new record into the file. The file must be opened with Csv.openReadFile() function. After calling this function, call Csv.outLineEnd().


 Write new line into the csv file.This function is tobe called after Csv.addFields() function.

openReadFile($filePath, $encoding)

 Open csv file to read records.


 Close opened csv file to to read.


 Read a csv record from csv file.The file must be opened with Csv.openReadFile() function.

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