Programming Language Specfication

programming grammer and rules

 Alinous-Core manual. This page shows you the detail of Alinous-Core programming language.

About the outline of Alinous-Core, please take a look at the tutorial at first. It has Eclipse based plugin and example projects which you can use easily.

Basic of programming language

 This section is about Alinous Script which is ends with ".alns" file extension. The script is executed in the server side. You can write the server side program with SQL and Javasclipt-liked script.

The Alinous-Core is a kind of Lightweight Language for Web based Database Applications.

Script and variables

 Alinous-Core has light weight script to manipulate variables. The variables are used in rendering HTML.

Control statements (if-else while for)

 The grammar of Alinous-Core programming language is simular to othe programming languages. It supports if, while and for statements.


 Alinous-Core supports basic operator to manipulate and compare the variables and statement's value.


 Alinous-Core supports procedure function. The kind of functions are source functions, embeded standard functions and Java functions. You can extend functions by using JavaConnector.

 Locking thread and synchronization

 Alinous-Core is multi-threading programming language. Threfore it supports locking and synchronization. There are two scopes about locking, they are for the synchronizedd block, and named synchronized scope.

Error handling ( )

 Alinous-Core supports try-catch-finally block in the grammar. If the SQL and other function failed, they throw an exception. Then this block can catch the exception.

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