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 This website provides document about Alinous-Core. Alinous-Core is very easy programming language for web application development.

By learning this section, you can understand how to make web based application with this programming language .

Easy Lightweight Programming Language

Writing program code is essential fact to make your own website freely. The Alinous-Core makes the programming process very easy. That is because the Alinous-Core is Domain Specific Language (DSL) for web-database applications.

The DSL is a programming language for specific domain. Therefore it becomes very simple high level function.

Domain Specific Language for Web based Database Applications

Alinous-Core supports all functions to build web based database applications. It does not use framework but programming language specification cover them.

The Alinous-Core's grammar is based on the Html, Javascript, and SQL. Therefore, a person who can write those 3 languages can start to use Alinous-Core without learning a lot of things.

Download Alinous-Core

You can download Eclipse based SDK and language server from following section.

Tutorial to get started

 By using sample project, we can learn outline of the programming. The movies introduce you how to what we can with Alinous-Core.

The Alinous-Core make development process of web based database applications very easy.

Basic Manual

 After learned the outline, we'll show you the basic structure and functions of this programming language.

Basic grammar

 The basic grammar of this programming language. Alinous-Core's grammar is like the JavaScript. And it supports the multi-thread programming.

    Extended HTML

     The Alinous-Core uses html, which is is extended by adding attribute, to control rendering HTML in the server side.

    The programming language does not have special tag, there for it does not obstruct making html design.

      Language function for Web and SQL

       Alinous-Core has no framework. it is because it is the Domain Specific Language, so it supports functions used in the web based program by programming language itself.

        Configuration of the Language Server

         About the setting of Language Server. You can set database, mail, authentication, virtualhost and so on, by configure it.

          Function reference

          The programming language supports standard function to develop web based application. You can be extend the function of this programming language by Java, but you can write ordinary web application without it.

          Install IDE and Server

          Information how to install Eclise plugin and Server is written in download section.

          Java Connector

           Alinous-Core is written in Java, so we can load function written in Java language.

          It has sample project about Java Connector, and we'll show you how to use it by using it.

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