WYSIWYG Content Editor

Alinous Document CMS has WYSIWYG Content Editor to edit the web contents.

wysiwyg editor of content management system

This editor is based on the Nicedit. It is worked on the firefox, IE and Chrome.

WYSIWYG Editor menu

The menu of the editor is below.

editor menu

The menu has following functions.

  • Font size and Block setting
  • Font Types
  • Text Align
  • List format
  • Text Decoration
  • Text Indent
  • Handling Images
  • Table setting
  • Embedded Object
  • Alinous Object

Font and Block Format Setting

The menu can handle font setting and decoration. The following menus are those.

font menus

font menu2

Image Handling

This WYSIWYG Editor is extended to handle images, and it cooperates with the Content Management System.

Image handlong menu

  • Image Handling
    • Upload Image
    • Copy and Paste directly
    • Edit img tag's attributes

Table Setting

The menus to handle table tag is below.

Table handling menu

It can make tables, add or delete row and column.

  • Table Handling
    • Create a new Table
    • Edit table attributes
    • Delete table, column or row
    • Insert row, column

Embeded Object

By using embedded object, you can embed contents like youtube movie.

Alinous Object

Alinous-Core has function to handle embedded html. This menu can use the inline template component on the Content Editor.

Base Component

This editor uses base component provided by Alinous-Core's programming component. About the detail, please take a look at following page.

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