Setup in Cloud Servers

 After you Run the Demo in local host, you can deploy this application into your cloud server. By owning your own access logging server, you can analyze visitor's user experience freely.

Configure the applicaton

 in order to use this software in the cloud server connected with the internet, you have to configure the logging Javascript a little.

Place of the logging JavaScript

 The javascript used to log visitor's action is located below.


Location of logging Javascript

This Javascript file is used to log actions, and you have to set parameters before you set this script in your web page.

Source code of the JavaScript and change parameter

 Before install this softaware into the cloud server, you have to customize the parameter of JavaScript to take log.

Location of log.js 

Open the "log.js" in the "[ALINOUS_HOME]/api/" folder. The source code of the first part is below.

In this code, it is essential to change the "loggerUrl" parameter. The default value is


So change this into

http://[YOUR DOMAIN]/api/ac.alns


https://[YOUR DOMAIN]/api/ac.alns

Setup Alinous-Core Server and Web Access Recorder

 After you configure the parameter, you can install the software into your cloud server.

Download tomcat and setup PostgreSQL

The Alinous-Core server is application works on the Tomcat. Therefore you have to install

  • Java SE Development Kit 1.5+ (and greater than 1.5)
  • Tomcat 6+ (and greater than 6)
  • PostgreSQL 8.4+ (and greater than 8.4)

before you setup it.

Install Alinous-Core Server

 After you setup those softwares and setup tomcat, download the Alinous-Core Server from download server.

In this page, there are information how to install Alinous-Core server into the Tomcat. It is just copy the root war into the "webapps" folder of the Tomcat. about the detail please take a look at Copy ROOT.war.

Locate configired Web Access Recorder Project

 Copy the "Web Access Recorder" project, which you configured the parameter of Javascript, into any folder in the cloud server. You can use ftp, subversion, or git.


 After you locate the "Web Access Recorder" project into your server, you have to specify the ALINOUS_HOME by setting the environment variable.

About how to do it, please take a look at Setting ALINOUS_HOME with shell script. You can set it by make a "" or "setenv.bat" and insert 1 or 2 lines into the script.

setting environment variables

After that, you can start the Tomcat and use this software. If you runs this software on 8080 port and want to run it on 80 port, please take a look at Runserver on 80 port.

Insert Logging Javascript to your website's page

 After you setup the logging server, you have to set a Javascript to your page. Please insert

In your page to log. When you use https, use below instead.


 The location to insert this script is the header or the body part of the html.

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