Check User Experience using Mouse Action Tracker

Eye tracking and user experience checker software

This Content Management System supports mouse action tracking system. It is powerful tool to check users' experience on viewing your website.

This tool is mainly for landing page on promoting website by the internet advertisement.

Check visitor's User Experience

After you acquire customers from search engine and advertisement, the first page, which is called landing page, have to give proper information that visitor wanted.

The order of the information on the web page is important. That is because you have to make visitors view next page or contents in your website. If then cannot recognize the information is not the one they want now, they'll go to another website, very soon.

In order to avoid that, we have to do a lot of experiment on the web. Then checking the User Experience on the landing page is essential.

The Alinous Document CMS provide a tool to track the mouse action and replay it, and generate heat map from tracked data.

Why checking User experience on landing pages is necessary

Landing page is the 2nd contact after the catch phrase or banner ad. It is very important for the page to show what customers want to know right now. But is is very difficult without watching customer's reaction.

This tool support following strategy.

Record Mouse Action

This tool has function to record user's mouse actions on the web browser. It is implemented by jsonp which is Javascript technique.

You can set recording script easily from the content editor.

Replay User's Mouse Action

You can replay the recorded mouse action. By using it, you can know the detail of visitor's response on the browser.

Generate Mouse Move Heatmap

Mouse Move Heatmp

The Mouse Move Heatmap is generated from the recorded logs. This heatmap shows where the visitors are interested in, in the landing page. The mouse pointer's move is used as eye-tracking tool.

Generate Page Scroll Heatmap

Scroll Heatmap

Page Scroll Heatmap is one focusing on the page scroll. If the visitor is interested in the landing page's content, then scroll down the page and read next content.

Web Archiver

This tool uses internal web archiver. It archives on logging the visitor's action, and have last versions of archives. You can check the last version of the landing page by using this tool.

Base Component

This editor uses base component provided by Alinous-Core's programming component. About the detail, please take a look at following page.

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