• Building Smartphone Site

Building Smartphone Site

Alinous-Core and the applications written in it supports smart phone access. There are 2 way to respond to smart phone access.

  • Adapt responsive design
  • Redirect to the smart phone site

To adapt responsive design, the program has nothing to do. But when you make smart phone page, you can redirect by using redirect header.

By making smart phone page, you can create website with flexible design. And the heatmap generator requires to use the smart phone page, because the screen size and the location of page part changes definitely on using  responsible web design.

By making smart phone friendly website following merit is there.

Reduce bounce rate

A website with not user friendly design lead to the loss of the access. If a customer come to your site, but it is hard to read the page, he will go to another page.

Search engine optimization

The search engine support to acquire access to the smartphone friendly websites. Actually, they ranks high the smartphone friendly site, and show message that "smartphone friendly" on the result of search.

Alinous Document CMS support to build smartphone page easily

Therefore smartphone website is essential for business owners, especially for small business owner. Then the operation to make and manage the smartphone should be easy. It is because ease of making, managing website lead to low cost.

The Alinous Document CMS support smartphone friendly website and blog powerfully.

Smartphone setting

In order to use smart phone page, we have to configure webiste's smart phone policy and template's setting.

CMS Templates

After you set up the template for the smart phone to use on each pages. Please check how to customize the design.

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