Import internal links

 By importing the internal link, you can check the page status in the "total analyze for sitemap pages" page. If the page's inbound internal links is detected, the page is appreciated highly by the search engine.

 You can download the data from google webmaster tools, and import, view the data in this application.

Download Internal Links csv

 Login the Google web master tool and select your website. And Select "Search Traffic" and click the  "Internal Links" at the left menu.

Google webmaster tool

Push the "Download this table" button, then dialog to select the format to get the data appears.

Select download format

Check the "CSV" and push "OK" button, then download starts. At this time, do not change the file name. The file name's format should be below.


From this file name, this application detect the time of this csv file downloaded automatically, later.

Import downloaded file

In order to import the downloaded csv file, select the "SEO Checker" and click "Import Internal links detected" from the drop down menu, like the picture below.

internal links menu

The page to view internal link data appears. You can import the csv file from this page.

View internal links

In this page, push the "Import" button, then popup window like below appears.

Import Internal links

Push the "Choose File" button and select the downloaded csv file. After select it, push the "Import Google webmaster tool's CSV" button, then importing csv operation starts and progress bar appears.

The progress bar finished, import is completed.

View last version's link

 This application manage all version of imported Internal links. So by selecting the csv file, you can view last status of internal links.

In order to change the file to view, input the file name into the text input.

select internal links csv

The text input has autocomplete. It shows available files, so you can input it easily.

By chacking data before, I guess you notice the internal link is detected after the content detected. On most case, after the content detected, the internal link is detected.

If the internal link does not detected, the page's content detected is disappears on most case.

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