Import Internal links detected

 This page shows you the source code and the detail of importing internal links from Google webmaster tools.

The function of this page

 This page imports Internal links Csv.

internal links with datatable

About the more detail, please take a look at Checking the internal link for the page is analyzed and Import internal links.

Location of Source code

 The location of source code is "[ALINOUS_HOME]/admin/internallinks/" folder.

location of  the source code

Import Internal Links csv

 In order to import the Internal Links csv file, you have to show the popup window, by clicking the "import Content Keywords Csv" button of the page.

Import Internal links

The source code is "importpop.html" and "importpop.html".

Import Csv

 When you push the "Import Google webmaster tool's CSV" button, source code below is executed.

The "ProgressJob.startJob()" function starts the background job with progressbar. The detail of launching background job with progress bar is written in "Start back ground job with the progress bar" section of Robot access log's implementation.

This time, it starts "backbroundWrapper()" function and the source code is below. This pattern is almost same with one of Content Keywords.

This program makes the "wmil_internal_link_file" table record, read csv file and process the csv records.

Processing csv record

 The "handleOneRecord()" process single csv record. This function just insert the csv record into the "wmil_internal_link" table.

View imported Internal Links data with datatable

 By parsing the csv file and import the data into database table. You can analyze the data with datatable viewer.

Html for the Datatable

  In the "index.html" next section defines the column of datatable to view the Content Keywords data.

This table has only 2 columns. If you want to add new column when you customize this application, please add here at first.

Activate Datatable

 After defined the datatable's html, activate it with Javascript.

By this script, specify the data below.

  • Columns to sort and default sort order
  • Ajax url to get Content Keyrowds data
  • Additional parameters to query the data from the hidden input in the form in this html

The "aaSorting" is the default order of sorting data. In this page, it sorts with the Count.

The "aoColumns" specify the available sorting. in this setting, we can sort this table with Path and Count.

Get Internal Links data by Ajax

  The Datatable get data form "/admin/internallinks/serverData.alns". The source code is below.

 Tose implementation is almost same with Content Keywords' implementation.

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