Import access log

 This application can import web server's access log and detect robot access.

Log format

This application supports basic log and customized log format. You can configure it in the "Robot Accesslog Config" page.

Log format configuration

 In order to show Log format configuration page, select the "SEO Checker" and click "Robot Accesslog Config" from the drop down menu, like the picture below.

Lobot access log config

The page to configure the log format appears.

log config

In this page, you can configure log format to import.

The default format is "common" and "combined". By pushing the button, you can reset the log format.

If you configure http server's log format, you can configure this by drag and drop. The left pane is used log element, and the right is unsed.

The meaning of the element is below.

Element Description Essential Recommended
%h remote-host  *  
%l local-client-id    
%u user-name    
%t time  *  
%r request-first-line  *  
%s status  *  
%b bytes    
%{Referer}i referer   *
%{User-Agent}i user-agent   *
%A apache-Ip    
%B bytes-with-header    
%f requested-file    
%H request_protocol    
%m  method    
%q query-string    
%>S status-last    
%T time-spent    
%u  url-path    
%v virtual-host    
%V virtual-host-canonical    
%X connection-statsus    
 ignore ignore    

Server log format

 If you are using http server, the recommended log format is the combined. On using apache http server, you can define it in the "httpd.conf".

The format is defined below.

And in the virtualhost section, you can set the format of custom log.

import access log

 In order to check the access log, select the "SEO Checker" and click "Robot Accesslog" from the drop down menu, like the picture below.

Robot access log

The page to import and check the access log appears.

Robot access log

 Choose the log file to import by pushing "Choose File" button and push "Import" button. The operation to import and analyze access log starts and progress bar appears.

progress bar

The progress bar finished, the acces log is imported.

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