How to use Web SEO Chekcer

 Web SEO Checker is to analyze the search engine detect and analyze your website correctly.

What to check

The process of analyzing web site is below.

  1. Crawl your website
  2. Index your website's page
  3. Analyze content of your webpage
  4. Analyze internal links
  5. Analyze external links
  6. Rank your website and web page for each keywords

 If the previous step is not done for the page, the step is not available. So checking the analyzing status of the search engine and optimizing your website is necessary.

Checking the crawl

 Crawled by the search engine's robot is very important. The crawl frequency grows by adding contents and getting inbound links.

The crawler has budget of time and frequency to crawl your website, and it is called the crawl budget.

Crawling a website is cost for the search engine, so the crawl budget has releavance to evaluation of your website.

Check robot access

In order to check the access log, select the "SEO Checker" and click "Robot Accesslog" from the drop down menu, like the picture below.

Robot access log

The page to check the access log appears.

Robot access log

In this page, you can sort the robot's access with Remote Host, Time, Path.

By specifying the start date and end date, you can check the date's robot access and amount of access.

Import access log

 In order to show those data, you have to import access log from your server. By selecting the log file by the "Choose File" button next to the "Import Access log", you can do it.

 About the log format and detail, please take a look at Import access log.

Checking the content's keyword is analyzed

 After crawled the web page, the search engine analyze the web page's content. You can make sure that the page's content is analyzed by checking thw "Content Keyword" section of the Web master tools.

Check Content Keywords for pages

In order check it, select the "SEO Checker" and click "Robot Accesslog" from the drop down menu, like the picture below.

Content keywords menu

 Then the analyzed content for the pages is shown.

 Content keywords for the pages

This table shows the detected keywords for the page. Therefore you can check which page is analyzed by search engine.

This page is result of the csv specified at the text input at the top of this page. By changing this file, you can check the data before.

specify csv file

This text input supports autocomplete, so you can select file you imported before easily.


Import Content Keywords csv

 In order to show those data in this page, you have to import data by using csv file, which is available from google web master tools.

The datail is written at Import Content Keywords.

Checking the internal link for the page is analyzed

 The inbount internal links to the page means the page is evaluated high by the search engine. If the page's link is not alanyzed, some reason is considered.

  • The quantity of content is too little
  • Search engine evaluated the page is duplicated page
  • There are little information that search engine users search

If the internal links for the page is detected, the page is OK. If not, you have to fix it and should make the crawler crawl it.

Check internal links

 In order to check the imported internal links,select the "SEO Checker" and click "Import Internal links detected" from the drop down menu, like the picture below.

internal links menu

The page to show the internal links by datatable appears.

internal links with datatable

In this page, you can sort the data by Path and Count. This data is used in checking sitemap's page totally.

Check pages in the sitemap

 The contents, internal links detected, and robot crawl has releavence with SEO status. In this page, you can check the status of the pages in the sitemap totally.

Check sitemap's page

In order to check sitemap's page, select the "SEO Checker" and click "Import sitemap and analyze" from the drop down menu, like the picture below.

Import sitemap and analyze

The page to import sitemap and analyze appears.

sitemap page analytics

This page shows

  • The timestamp the page crawled last
  • Number of keywords detected by search engine
  • Inbound internal linkes detected by search engine

And you can sort these data in this table. Then you'll find that the pages, whose content is analyzed, is also analyzed the inbound internal links.

The important thing on doing seo is make the page appriciated high by the search engine. If you can do it, the page's content and inbound links will be analyzed.

But sometimes, the content quantity is bigger, the search engine misunderstand in eveluating content. Then this tool will help to check it.

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