Check Keywords Occurrence Balance of Web Contents

Keyword balance is one of the big fact on doing internal SEO. In order to do content based SEO, you have to check it after you wrote good contents.

Analyze and Check Keyword Occurrence

The keyword balance is made from published Html file, not form content data in the database. That is because the robot checks actual Html data, so we have to use same environment.

Open Balance Checker

In order to open the console page, select "Keywords Balance" from the top of administration console. Then following page appears.

Main page of the Keywords balance

Calculate Occurrence

Click the "Check Balance" button on top of the page. Then calculation process starts with progress bar.

Calculating Keywords Balance with progress bar

On this process, the analyzer access the row files which is published by the content management system. It parsed the Html file and analyzes the text and attribute of the "img" tags.

After the process finished, the keywords graph is updated.

Set ignored Keyword

After you calculate the keywords occurrence, all of words are counted. Therefore you have to check which words to ignore.

In order to ignore keywords, click the "ignore" button on the record of the word. Then the keyword is ignored.

Manage and remove ignored keyword

Click the "Ignored Keywords" button, then following dialog appears.

ignored keywords list

In this dialog, there is a list of ignored keywords with check box. You can check the ignored ones in this dialog.

If you want to remove some keywords form the list, check the records and click "Remove checked keywords" button.

View pages having overrated keywords

If your website has some keywords which has too many occurrence, then you'll want to reduce them.

You can check the pages with too many keywords by clicking the "Pages" button on the keyword record. After click it, following page appears.

Occurrence pages list

In this page, you can check the density of the keyword and times of occurrence. By clicking the link you can view the page, and pushing the "Edit" button, you can open the document of the page by editor of the CMS.

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