Analyze Contents' Theme

Conent Theme is important fact on doing SEO. The search engine checks redundancy and relevancy by the theme of the page. By using this software, you can know the theme of the pages.

This function uses data of the Keyword Balance. Therefore, when you use this function, analyze the keyword balance before that.

What is the Theme of the page

The theme is collection of keywords and the density. The search engine detect similarity of the pages with theme. And also check the relevance between pages with this.

The theme of two pages is too similar, it will regard the pages are duplicated content. And it is proper similarity, they are relevant contents.

Analyze Contents

In order to analyze contents theme, select "Analyze Page Theme" from the top of administration console. Then following page appears.

Page Theme list

Each page's theme

After you analyze keywords in generated contents by the CMS, you can analyze the theme of the pages. If you don't do it, please check the occurrence of keyword with Keyword Balance console.

Click the "Analyze Theme" button, then following dialog applears.

Input the effect rate of theme

In this dialog, you have to input the rate of keyword occurrence point. The maximum value is 1 and minimum value is 0. If the keyword occurs on the area, the rate is multiplied to the occurrence times.

After you input the rate, click the "Analyze Theme" button. Then the process to calculate the theme starts with the progress bar.

Calculating Keywords Theme

After the process finished, you can view theme of the page by pushing "Show Theme" button on the record.

Theme of the page

The theme is collection of the keywords with point. Each page has this data by doing this action.

Check similarity between pages

After you calculate the pages theme, you can analyze the similarity for all of the pages. Click the "Calculate Simularity" button, then operation starts.

Calculate simularity

This operations takes a while. After it finishes, you can check the similarity for other pages by clicking the "Similar Pages" button on the page record.

Similarity report

You can view the similarity value for other pages. The pages are ordered by the similarity.

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