Publish Contents

This CMS stores contents data, and publish it into the web page as Html files. The publish is done when the web page is accessed at the first time.

Published data is stored into the file system of the server as a cache data. If the content is updated, the CMS publish the data again.

Publish status of the page

A page has following status.

  • Draft Only
  • Published
  • Published + Draft

The status is shown on the top of content editor.

Published status

The detail of the status is below.

Draft Only

When the status is "Draft only", the page is not published.


The page was published and opened in your web site. And there is no updated contents.

Published + Draft

The page was published before and someone updated the page data. The latest page data's status is draft.

Publish a page

In order to publish the page, push the "Publish" button. Then following dialog appears.

Publishing dialog

By pushing "Publish" button, the page is published.

Before you publish the page, you have to select "publish effect" and "Update UPdatetime".

Publish Effect range

Select the range of effect after you published this page from below.

  • This page only
  • Parent and sibling pages
  • Whole site

When you added a new page, the navigation link of the pages around it changes. If the page is near from top page, and the link to the page is added to the common template, select the "Whole site".

Updated Time

The page has Created Time and Last Modified Time.

Timestamp of the page

If the "Update" check box is on, the Last Modified Time is updated.

In addition to that, following operation is done in the back ground.

  • Update Rss and send pubhubsubbub
  • Update "sitemap.xml"

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