• Updated document about thread synchronization
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Updated document about thread synchronization

Today added document about Thread synchronization.

In Alinous-Core, synchronized block, list like java, is available.


This block has 2 ways about usage.

  • standard synchronized block
  • named synchronized block
The detail is simply written in the document.

This function will used frequently used in Rich Client UI using jQuery.

Because conflict of resource access is big enemy for the  Rich Client UI.

And I consider distributed servers, such as clustering web server using cloud computing. This lock is available in the tomcat cluster.

The Alinous-Core runs on the Apache Tomcat, and can use J2EE functions of the container.

I will write the detail when I write documents about distributed server and performance tuning. 

My next job is make some RichUI samples and write the document. But I'll do it soon.

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